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Primal Artifice

Artist Statement

Like a pig’s nose trained to hunt for truffles, my artistic eye is cultivated to forage for unexpected moments of beauty. My interest is to tease beauty out of even the most prosaic or commonplace subjects. I enjoy challenging conventional notions, and invite my audience to view the world in a new way. As someone currently living in an urban environment, I enjoy exploring the way that the natural world coexists with the man-made elements of the city. I see my photography as an opportunity to practice everyday alchemy. I take the raw ingredients of foliage, metal, cement, and sky and transform them into something that seems new.

I am intrigued by the contradictory and conflicting nature of human perception. I believe that a neat and tidy world view is not something sustainable, and am interested in the moment when change occurs in a person’s outlook. I hinge my work on these fluctuations. I strive to highlight contrast and nuance in my images, and enjoy implying complexity within a simple form.

I am inspired by the stark, simple images of Harry Callahan. His ability to highlight texture influences my approach to photographing natural landscapes. Edward Weston’s highly technical work uses symbolism to draw connections between human forms and nature. This is reflected in my work exploring autumn leaves. I enjoy how Eugene Atget finds the relationship between his central subject and its environment. When photographing architectural settings I will often keep the overall impression intact while highlighting the relationship between various elements.

I am motivated by the idea that viewers of my work will gain something: inspiration, emotion, or a move towards action. I want to encourage my audience to look beyond the facade of a singular object or setting and perceive something new; to glimpse something behind the veil of the mundane. It is with these goals in mind that I continue to develop my craft and work to grow as a translator of the world around me.